DSD Euroline Ltd.


Irrespective of type of loading in question, partial or full, we are able to respond to your request. We know very well how important it is for our clients to have their consignment picked up delivered within the requested time window. That is why TIME - PLACE – MANNER is an integral part of our everyday business routine and the base of our professional relationships with clients. Because WE PLAN FOR YOU!

DSD EUROline Ltd. provides transportation services of various kinds of goods across Europe, including the former Soviet Union, Scandinavia, the Balkans, Turkey. The company in its homeownership has over 100 tractors EURO5 standards, brand IVECO and SCANIA. All of them have modern navigation and GPS systems allowing "on-line" monitoring of vehicles on the road and 24-hour option of publishing information to customers regarding the location of their goods.This increases the safety and quality of transport with particular emphasis on the accuracy of deliveries.

Certificates and licenses

The company posesses ADR certificate (European Agreement on the International Road Transport of Hazardous Goods) for the transport of dangerous goods. It includes the classification of goods to be declared as dangerous goods, as well as related security measures. All drivers are licensed to transport dangerous goods and the have obtained the necessary experience in handling and transport of dangerous goods.

TIR system offers advantages for all links in the chain of international transit transport of goods:

  1. Reduces transportation costs by reducing formalities and delays in transit
  2. Facilitates movement in transit using standardized regulations and documentation
  3. No need for a deposit (guarantee) on the borders of transit states
  4. Guarantee payment of customs duties and tax in the case of misapplication
  5. Only reliable carriers are allowed to use the TIR Carnet –this increases the guarantee that all of our vehicles will meet certain conditions in order to transport goods in the international transport under TIR label. All of our vehicles meet the requirements and have a certificate of approval for the transport of goods under the customs code.

Within our fleet we have the following trailers for transport:

"Tautliner" units that can be used for numerous types of loading. The entire length of the cargo is secured and allows increased payload and cargo volume. In this way, with just one trailer we become more efficient because it saves time and money. Standard tilt units with aluminum sides, which provide an optional flexible angle that leaves the shipper enough space for 34 pallets plus additional space for cargo.

“MULDA” units to transport steel with excellent technique for safe use that meets all your requirements. With respect to security it can be used for transporting all kinds of steel coils.

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