About us

DSD Euroline Ltd.

DSD Euroline Ltd. has a constant need for drivers in order to expand its operating capacity.

Who we are?

DSD EUROline Ltd company was founded in 1990 and has its headquarters in Belgrade and a branch office in Cacak, Serbia. After more than two decades of dedication to our clients, we have become a leader in the field of logistics services. Relying on our serious approach to business, the accuracy and reliability of our modern dispatch center, we aim to become an example of organization and a model of operation in the field of transport and logistics Service.

The company infrastructure includes all segments of a modern transportation company: a professional dispatch center with 24 hour surveillance of all vehicles, fleet maintenance center, modern laundries, gas stations, professionally trained mechanical staff — ready to respond to the needs of a large number of tractors (over a hundred trucks in direct ownership of the company).

Our employees put in constant efforts to be at non-stop service to our customers in order to fulfill all the tasks that lie ahead to our mutual benefit. DSD Euroline Ltd staff consists of highly skiled professionals with years of experience in international transport. Their experience and knowledge contribute to higher quality of transportation process which saves time resulting in rationalisation of costs and higher earning for the client.

Our staff currently consists of 100 employees, which is a constantly growing figure. One of our greatest advantages are our drivers. They are highly motivated, and qualified professionals who approach their jobs accurately and on tim, respecting the strict rules and regulations postulated by EU authorities.

We encourage positive team spirit within our organization and and take pride in the high percentage of satisfied customers.